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Sampling Kits & Forms

Kit Orders

If you require a kit/s, please contact us at the following address:

260 Princes Hwy
Werribee VIC 3030
Phone: 1300 655 474

FeedTest provides postage free kits, which contain all the information needed to submit your sample.

The following tips will ensure that your sample will reach us in a suitable condition for testing:

  • When submitting samples use a separate Reply Paid envelope and sample information sheet for each sample
  • Place the sample in the zip lock bag ensuring that all the air is squeezed out and the bag is sealed tightly
  • Complete the Sample Information Sheet
  • If necessary, complete the Credit Card Payment form
  • Place the sample and information sheet in the Reply Paid envelope, seal and post to FeedTest
  • To send multiple samples to FeedTest, simply place in the Reply Paid satchel and post

The information written on your sample information sheet is important for both traceability and the accuracy of our records. Please check that these details are correct and legible before posting.


Documents available for download:

Sample Request Form 2019

Pricing Summary - 2019

Sample Request Form - Plus CNCPS

Price & Credit Card Form 2019

Credit Application FormPDF

Sampling InstructionsPDF